Advanced UX Course in Kolkata

Course Introduction

It has been and will remain one of the most coveted careers in the world for many years to come. For as long as there are businesses, there will be a need for websites, and for that, there will always be a need for a good web designer. If you are looking for web design training in Kolkata, this course is for you. You will learn from the basics to the most advanced website design techniques in this course.

It will boost your confidence level if you create a few projects during the course. During the course, students learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery, Bootstrap, Figma and Adobe XD, among other web design topics. Lastly, your project will be hosted on the server so that it can be shown during the interview.

course content

Website Design Training Institute in Kolkata: What to expect?

Acesoftech Academy provides the Diploma Course in Web Designing is a 6-month full-time program that imparts comprehensive training in website designing and development.

This diploma curriculum, the course covers all aspects of website design, from conceptualization to coding, layout to navigation, and usability to browser compatibility. Students learn to use industry-standard tools and technologies, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery Google Figma, etc.  During the course, importance is laid on creating projects on each topic.

This Web design training in Kolkata is useful for students who want to pursue a career in web design or develop their own websites. It is also beneficial for professionals who want to update their skills or learn about the latest trends and technologies in web design.

Diploma in Website Design in Kolkata

Are you planning to pursue a career in web design? If yes, then you must definitely consider enrolling in a web design training course in Kolkata. After all, Kolkata is one of the most happening cities in India when it comes to the IT and web industry.

There are many institutes that offer diploma courses in web design. However, not all of them are good enough. You must do your research and choose an institute that offers a comprehensive curriculum and experienced faculty.