How To Select The Ideal Font Design For Your Website?

How To Select The Ideal Font Design For Your Website?

There are thousands of font styles online. It can be challenging to pick the perfect

one to make your website look marvelous!

If you are confused and not sure of where to start, then this article is for you. No

matter what you're designing, these tips will help you nonetheless.

The Four types of fonts

We have four types of Fonts in general; serif, sans-serif, script, and decorative.

If you understand the meaning and use of these fonts, you will know what font

will suit the best on your website.


Serif is the most commonly accepted font. You will find it in business, newspapers, and

blogs. Since it looks professional and trustworthy source for such traditional websites.

You can count on serif when you are designing a website that has to do with the

reader's content. For example, A newspaper blog. The tiny lines of Serifs can grab the

attention of a broad audience in a serious tone because of its quality and how it seems

on your website.


Sans-serif is a simple and fitting selection for businesses that want to give a fresh


Sans-serif is the most suitable choice when designing for children. It's usually

used for short passages in the legible text.

The popular combination out of all is the sans-serif header and serif body text.


The script font is chic and classic, not suitable for body text. It is an

excellent choice to highlight

creative ideas on your website.

For example, Business and Fashion blogs.


The use of Decorative fonts should be looked after for your website, in our


You can use this to make your website so stylish. It preferably not be used for

professional content as it is more creative-oriented.

Focus on your audience, if your targeted audience is children, you need to use

decorative fonts.

You can use font according to your audience preference if they are a modern

target, use sans-serif or script. Correct font size is also essential.

If your target audience were traditional and your website itself promotes authentic

traditional content then use sans-serif.

Restrict Your Choices

When you are building a website, you may want to include every font, but it is a

mess. It is better to limit with 2-4 fonts.

Too many fonts will make your website look more stuffed than required.

You can set the font as default for your site. Add fonts of your choice like unique

for the main text, headers, and text navigation.

You can even pair fonts that will look better together based on the features and

contrast. It will make your website look appealing.

You can blend and use the fonts according to your wish, like sans-serif.

Research with fonts to find which suits your website, then pick one for your

headlines (sans-serif) or body (serif).

Header vs. Body Text

A Header and Body text has its font style for various occasions like small caps

and caps font. So you have to know the purpose of the content and use fonts


The body text is usually either serif or sans serif simply to improve the readability

as it is the most essential for any website. These two fonts are ideal for long


The perfect choice for headlines, logos, or short texts, are bold fonts as it makes

the text powerful.

You can use a decorative font in the header to make it more distinct.

Choose the Ideal Font

If you follow these steps in this article, you can easily find the perfect font for your


Tip: Trial and error is the best key for all. Try the fonts to pick the perfect one.

To find the meaning of typography, examine other websites, and observe how

they had used every font. It will surely benefit you to pick the most suitable font

style for your text.

Match fonts with your brand

The role of your website font is to reflect your brand purpose. Make sure to

choose the right font that conveys your brand ideas.

The content of your website will convey through the font style to the


The typography should add to the themes of your website content, like

adventure, trendy, modern, or aesthetic.

Rank your fonts

Make sure not to use multiple fonts on your website. It is ideal to use 2-3 font

variants. And these fonts should carry various important information and ideas.

You can choose a font based on primary, secondary, and accent.

The primary font will have an important role than other fonts (for example, in the

header). It will carry your brand name.

The secondary font should be legible as it will carry most of the readable

contents like blogs, articles, and descriptions.

So it is necessary to make it clear to read. Like the primary font, it doesn’t have

to be very attractive and bold. The purpose of the header is to attract. Body text

is to be legible.

Then accent font, which is often used for specific purposes like highlighting the

call to action button or logo font.

The accent font is stylish text, italic cursive, fancy texts, Instagram fonts, and

bold italic should be most attractive and draw the most attention.

Wrapping up

To make a website more charming, follow all these steps. You can surely gain more

viewers and make your site legible. It will shape your design to be professional and will

increase your SEO. The flow of your website will be very smooth. It will have stylistic

visual factors.

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