Responsive web design company in Kolkata

Responsive web design company in Kolkata

Introduction-In this information age, weare surrounded by fast paced devices which make our life easier. It is important that we should get highly attuned towards technology as it has grown manifold and can certainly create miracle in our lives. A highly functional website is the backbone of every business in today’s times and without it, a venture cannot survive any longer. Even if the website has attractive UI/UX layout and all appealing features but it is not responsive or cater the needs of the user then it will become impossible for the customers to spend fraction of second on a particular website and they quickly move on to the next.

Responsive web design company in Kolkata has a reputation for creating websites which are adaptive and the core ground for it is marketability.


What is responsive web design?

It can simply be defined as designing of websites which can be viewed in all devices and in platforms and in all sizes as in today’s world, user requires an accessible website which fits all screen sizes and it has gained prominence since the inception of smartphones.


Suhana Softech which is the top responsive web design company inKolkata understands the needs of customer and generates responsive websites which have higher loading rate and it can function as apps but can also adapt to mainstream usage on desktops.


What is the need of responsive websites?

As they say that necessity is the mother of invention. According to recent statistics,from 2015 the number of users with mobile have considerably surpassed the users with using PC’s and desktops . Soit is easy to understand that responsive websites have greater demand in this fast paced world and the users have choice to go for websites which consumes less time –

·        For increasing ROI.

·        For gaining attention span of customers

·        Accessible to user anytime and anywhere.


How Suhana Softech works with the clients?

·        First of all, our expert web developers set appropriate responsive breakpoints.

·        Then it is followed by fluid grid and then various touchscreens are taken into consideration.

·        Then the appropriate responsive videos and images are inserted in the layout of website.

·        Then the typography is used to display the required messages in an appealing manner.

·        Then we infuse pre designed theme and layout to save further time on the website.

·        Then finally responsiveness is tested on real time devices.

Benefits of responsive websites-

·        Diversified access- One major benefit of responsive web design is that it can be viewed in different platforms and hence its access is quite diversified.Moreover user needs are met and it increases customer retention as the products can be viewed in one page scroll.

·        Minimum manipulations- In respect to responsive web designs, it can be made with CSS3  and JavaScript  and therefore the efficiency of website and the work on navigation and other features are done in best possible manner.When you observe that the layout is landscape or portrait type,then you can understand the intention behind it and it also works through smart coding.

·        Great convenience- The simple drag and drop features help in aligning of different images and videos. In short ,responsivewebsites provides great comfort to new start-ups as different products can be displayed in one page so that maximum information can be derived from single page and it saves consumer time and the cost is also minimised as it is one time development cost and in future ,if you wish to engage in different product introduction,then with a small change in website,it can be turned around.


Why to go for Suhana Softech?

We have efficient team of UI/UX designers which can create responsive websites which are SMM and SEO optimised and we intend to create a better world which can accelerate the course of technology and empower lives. Suhana Softech is one of the best responsive websitedesign agency in Kolkata and the prices are really affordable and we can create elegant design that will boost your business and increase the engagement of customers. So why wait? Contact us immediately and experience the development of websites with high functionality.