MERN Stack Course  in Kolkata

Course Introduction

As a career-oriented and high-paying job-oriented course, MERN Stack (MongoDB, ExpressJs, Reactjs, and NodeJS) is very popular for developing web and mobile applications.

The technology has become very popular in a short period of time due to its interactive, user-friendly, and speedy characteristics.

MERN stack is much quicker than the traditional programming languages, such as PHP and ASP.NET. Moreover, it enables simultaneous use by millions of users without crashing the server. Reactjs, built by Facebook, is based on the virtual DOM concept which allows for quick executions and services. Acesoftech Academy initiated this course in Kolkata and has since educated many students who have gone on to work in various companies. Our ReactJs based MER stack/Full stack course was created by professionals--experienced both in instructing students and in the industry.

Apart from MERN Stack Training Institute in Kolkata, we also offer a MEAN stack course. If learning this is something you desire, you can get to know more about this course here. Rather than just an general overview of the subject matter, our training offers a practical and project-based experience. During each training session at least three projects will be undertaken that will allow for both the development of extensive knowledge and greater confidence as they work their way through each task. We reiterate that this is not just any run-of-the-mill ReactJs program; it is an industry-oriented process through which one can gain hands-on practice with completing real projects.

In order to make the projects live, we also provide free hosting so you can play around and learn how to build the projects as well as how to deploy them. In Kolkata, our CEO Umar sir is providing Reactjs training. Because it is a new technology, it can only be taught by professionals with extensive experience and who have industrial and practical experience. He has been working and providing MEAN stack courses since 2016.

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