Web design course in Kolkata

Web design course in Kolkata

Introduction-A website is an integral part to promote offerings and services in relation to a business and designing of a website involves page layout, content to be incorporated, fonts and colours to make it appealing and visual content to attract the potential consumers. Web designing is gaining lot of prominence as majority of entrepreneurs have taken the route of internet to thrive their brand and with rapidly evolving technologies, so as a budding developer, you must enrol for web design course in Kolkata to maximise your chances of securing top spot in IT sector.

Web designing and its types- A web developer designs appealing and attractive website as per the needs of customers so that it represents their brand identity. Various types are-

1. Corporate web designing- A corporate website represents the brand and it influences the likeminded people to connect with the organisation and with the emergence of new technologies, the web developers offer peculiar business solutions to build informative and dynamic website for various companies. They also predict the analytics of futuristic business and delve deeper into graphics and interface to create spectacular stuff.

2. Custom web designing-in this type the web developers understand the outlook of the user and build customised websites which upgrades the typography and structure.  With the aid of graphic designing and content restructuring, the website looks are greatly enhanced and the navigation is made smoother for an enriching experience which in turn leads to the growth of prospects and hence drive more sales for the particular organisation.

3. Responsive web designing-It is imperative that the web pages created in a website fits in to all size of screens be it mobile. Desktop or Laptops that it can be accessible to the maximum users and generate more revenue. So as a web developer,you must have a  remarkable ability of researching and quickly  finds the best responsive design to expand thehorizon.Thus it becomes important that you enrol for website design training in Kolkata and build dynamic websites for the clients

4. Website Redesign-Apart from having interactive and unique website, it is also crucial to revamp it every now and then to cope with the ever-changing trends of market so the web designers understands the technological scope and offers business solutions to redesign the website by adding new features and elements to make it look visually alluring to the user and quality testing to ensure long term development.


Key highlights of course-

·        Understanding of basic to advanced concepts of web designing.

·        Learning tools and techniques of website designing.

·        Understand the subtle functionalities of web designing.

·        Understand the distinction between web development and web designing.


           Essential features-


·        You will get the opportunity to learn from real time experts who are passionate in sharing their knowledge with budding developers.

·        Experience the deep knowledge of website designing by working in real time projects and in turn increase your chance of getting noticed by top recruiters.

·        Here you will get top quality training at an affordable price which can also be paid in instalments

·        You can design your flexibility of classes whether you want to take online or offline,whetherat weekdays or weekends  and early mornings or late evenings.

·        Tie up with more than 2000+ small and medium companies to provide opportunities to accelerate your career.


                   How web designing works?

Designing a website involves series of sequential steps-

·        First of all, the goal must be clear cut about the requirements of clients.

·        Secondly, one needs to define the scope.

·        Then create sitemap which will provide the content of the website.

·        Then design with visual elements to give it a robust look.