Introduction- With the advancements of technology and boom in internet, the lives of people have become so comfortable and easy going. Now with just installation of one app, you can order foods, fruits and vegetables of your choice and can get the desired product in no time. You can start drop shipping business and earn huge sums of money just by launching your own E commerce store and display your products and can embark on the journey of being an entrepreneur.

Open cart training in Kolkata is a well-designed training program which teaches you about building your online stores using which is a powerful CMS to build robust E- commerce websites. The training will skyrocket career in many ways as shopping sites are required in any form of venture business.


What is Open cart and what are its advantages?

Open cart is a dynamic content management system which is open source and accessible to everyone freely just by downloading it from the official website. It lets you have your own store were selling and buying of products can occur online or digitally. Furthermore, you can access the source code of open cart and customize the services or products of your own choice. Open cart utilises PHP language as itsold through General public license. So basically, you will have a dashboard which will act as store manager and handle deals and clients effectively just by using single interface.

Certainly, there are plethora of benefits which make it so popular as CMS-

·        Open cart is easily operated through a single admin panel which can cater to many different online stores at the same time.

·        Open carts allow you to sell unlimited number of products by displaying and also lets you read reviews related to your product.

·        It has multi store functionality and can be operated overseas and also has the option to convert the currencies.

·        It delivers high performance, has impeccable 1300 plugins to choose and SEO friendly.

Open cart training curriculum-

1. Installation and setup of OpenCart

2. Managing catalogue and extensions of OpenCart

3. Management of themes and modules

4. Installation of new languages at open cart

5. Customization of modules.

Acesoftech Academy is one of the best OpenCart training centre in Kolkata where you will learn to build a professional E commerce website via OpenCart.

Our trainers with extensive experience will guide you at every step regarding management and customization of operations of OpenCart. We provide best training at affordable prices and our aim is to make learners have practical understanding of OpenCart CMS which is highly adaptable and scalable. After completion of training, you will learn-

Ø About shipping methods and payments of orders

Ø Customizing multiple items and manufacturers

Ø Customising slides and themes at OpenCart


Why to go for Acesoftech Academy?

We provide great learning environment to the learners where they can have fun with the CMS and understand the basic concepts and fundamentals in a practical manner. Our curriculum is standardised by industry experts which matches the criteria set by top notch companies. After completion of training, you become certified OpenCart developer and can open up world of opportunities as the demand of Open Cart Developers is on the rise post pandemic. We also have placement cell which offers mock test and interviews to face the toughest interviews boldly and confidently.


1. You do not require any programming skills.

2. No extensive knowledge of coding is needed

3. All you need is Linux, Mac or Windows PC.


Job opportunities after completion of training-

After completion of training, you will be able to create complete online shopping store and get hired by best companies in software industry. According to source Glassdoor, the average salary of OpenCart developer is between ₹3,00,000 – 8,00,000 per annum depending upon experience and location. Your hard work and willingness to learn in the field of web development will fuel fire into your dreams.So, enrol for training course in AcesoftechAcademy, one of the top