Introduction- PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting language created by Danish Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994.  The general-purpose programming language shoulders the responsibility of around 79% of websites of the web. Major Tech Companies rely on PHP for its functionality and creation of robust web applications and it also has major hold on CMS (Content Management systems) such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal and this makes PHP undoubtedly the undisputed king of the web. As a developer,it is vital to obtain PHP training in Kolkata to gain better understanding of the oldest language of web. Let us understand in depth that why PHP is getting immensely popular among web developers:


1. Simplicity- Writing a code in PHP is cakewalk for many developers as it is as simple as writing an essay in English and you would have heard many developers complaining that it doesn’t build effective coding habits but starting with PHP eventually builds your confidence with complex programming languages.

2. PHP is free- Since PHP is free and open -source framework it is less expensive as compared to its counterparts. The documentation is well updated so novice developers have no issues in tackling complex projects and it also reduces barriers to beginners as they leverage their talents coding with PHP.

3. Compatibility with  CMS- Most popular content management systems such as WordPress, Magneto and Drupal is built using PHP and in order for business to flourish, the content of CMS must be adaptive and herein lies the power of PHP as it enables the developer to customize the code and can be mutated to meet the requirement of consumers.

4. Easier management of platform diversity- One of the most important features of PHP includes its ability to integrate with cross platforms whether it is Windows, Linux or Unix and it allows the business to leverage their infrastructure on these multiple platforms.

5. Powerful and scalable solution- There is no denying the fact that PHP is robust, powerful and scalable framework through which any code can be updated without rebooting the server. Facebook, the tech giant created the derivative language of PHP called as “Hack” which can meet the adaptive needs of content management systems and this shows the reliability of server sidelanguage. To gain more depth, you must get PHP training in institute in Kolkata.

6. Useful extensions and plugins- PHP is an open source software and the PHP developers continuously develop new extensions and add -ones to meet the emerging requirements of businesses . This really helps the clients to add functionalities and updates their websites with comfort and ease.

7. Embed-ability- PHP is the most scalable solution and being a developer, you are very well aware that HTML5 is the most exclusive file and PHP has the ability to convert into an HTML document just by writing few lines of code.

8. Plethora of framework- PHP has large family of frameworks which is specific in its own value. Laravel and Symfony makes all round performance, Yii and Zend are enterprise based, CodeIgniter for robust performance and Phalcon for optimising the performance by building speedy application designs.

9. Boasts active community-  The server- sided scripting language has vast community which is devoted to helping novice developers face issues and providing effective documentation which in turns addresses the emerging issues relevant to a business and moreover the developers of PHP are less expensive so it is also cost effective.

10.       Huge library and peak performance- What differentiates PHP from other programming languages is its standard library. The in -built library helps in effective processing of data files and the user nowadays doesn’t prefer to stay on a web page for more than 7 seconds so it offers support for URL parsing, regular expressions and database drivers that makes loading of website much faster.


PHP is known for quick turnaround time for developing incessant websites as it leverages Apache web server and My SQL database to enhance the performance of any website. Any website built using PHP has the capability of processing the data faster so it is fundamental for all beginners and to achieve mastery in it one needs to obtain certification course with renowned training institute.

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