8 Easy Steps For Beginners To Plan A Successful Career In Web Designing

8 Easy Steps For Beginners To Plan A

Successful Career In Web Designing

Do you want to start a career in Web designing? Don’t know where to start? Then, you’ve

reached the right place. Reading this article will help you learn eight simple steps that'll get you

started as a web designer.

30-second summary:

In the internet world, web designing is the fastest-growing career. According to the U.S.

BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS, it is predicted, the Employment of web designers will

grow 13 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations.

So, if you have a better understanding and skills in web designing such as Flash and

Photoshop, you have the best opportunities.

But, before diving into the article. First, understand who is a web designer and your importance

to a company.

Web Designer:

A web designer is a specialist who transforms a brand into an online experience and works with

a team of other professionals, including information architects, UX (user experience) experts,

marketing team members, sales staff, and more.

A web designer needs to think about the font & color of the website and the overall website

functionality like content, images, speed, structure, and responsiveness. Design an innovative

and attractive website in a well-structured manner that contains all the information about the

company. Web designers are the one who communicates with the visitors and makes them

enjoy the site through their design. Hence, by having a good website design, a company can:

● Increase Valuable Traffic

● Boost Organic Search Traffic

● Improve Local SEO Ranking

● Increase Mobile Search Rankings

● Decrease Bounce Rate

● Get the Right Kind of Attention

● Increase conversions

● Increase User Experience

Now, without any delay, Let’s look into the steps to start a career in web designing.

8 Steps to Start a Career in Web Designing:

Following are the eight steps that help you to plan a successful career in Web designing

1. Research about the field.

2. Learn the Fundamental principles

3. Learn from top resources

4. Learn from the best Web Designing Institute

5. Practice, practice, practice!

6. Do some freelancing Projects

7. Create attractive resumes

8. Hunt for Jobs

1. Research About the Field:

You must understand your interest in the field of web design. It is a diverse industry, it includes

UI design, UX design, Magento development, WordPress development, and so on. So, it’s

important to decide which specific corner you want to work on. Research about the field and

select an area that you’re interested in.

To research properly ou can:

● Read a few of the best web design & web development books recommended by the web

design pros.

● Frequently visit your favorite e-commerce websites and observe how it is designed

beautifully to attract the audience.

● Next, start to practice how to inspect the code on website pages. Here, you’ll need to

identify how they work and develop the website.

2. Learn the Fundamentals Principles:

Like other industries, web design, and the development industry also has some fundamental

principles that form a vital foundation for the field. Understanding this will give you the

knowledge of this field on how to design unique web pages. It also allows you to convey them

with power to promised customers. However, you can not always meet all the aspects of web

design and development principles. It requires some experience.

The main things to consider for a stunning website experience are:

● Fast – It reacts immediately to user interactions with silky smooth animations and no

poor scrolling experience.

● Integration – The audience doesn’t want to interact through the web browser. It uses the

full functionality of the device to create an experience right to the device.

● Reliability – Load fastly and reliably, don’t show the down sour, also in unsure network


● Engaging – Keeps the user bounce back to the application with attractively designed

experiences that look natural.

3. Learn from Top Resources:

As mentioned earlier web design is a big sector. It has a challenging task and new techniques to

implement each day. Even an experienced web designer also sometimes has trouble

completing the job that satisfies the client’s needs. But you can learn from the top resources

available on the internet.

When you browse through the internet, you get plenty of resources – some may be free; some

paid; some flexible, some not; some based on content, others on video. Thus, you have a bunch

of resources to get helped. Besides, we have gathered a few of the best web design learning

resources on the internet. Below are some of the best web designing learning online resources:

● W3Schools

● Opera Web Standard Curriculum

● Google Code University

● Tutorials Point

● Mozilla School of Webcraft

● Webdesigntuts+

● Sitepoint

4. Learn from the Best Web Designing Institute:

If you think you need solid knowledge from professionals rather than learning on your own.

Many web designing institutes provide practical knowledge. Further, if you’re in Kolkata, you are

so luckier. Website Design Training center in Kolkata, students here are taught by the best

industry professionals.

Here you will learn,

1. Introduction to website

2. Basic understanding of the web fundamentals

3. Types of websites

4. Basics of HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript

5. Introduction to Dreamweaver PHP

6. Using Dreamweaver templates

7. Adding content and multimedia and so on.

Online web designing training will also help you interact with the industry professionals and

solve all your doubts on the same go without any hesitation.

5. Practice!

As it says “Practice makes the man perfect”. Therefore, just learning alone will not pave the

way to start a career in web designing.

Start practicing what you’ve learned. It helps in boosting your skills and makes you an expert.

But before you start coding or practicing, you’ll first want to decide which text editor are you

going to use. You should also install all of the familiar web browsers like Google Chrome,

Opera, Firefox, IE, Safari, as they can help you design and develop a stunning website by

keeping a wide range of users in mind.

Here are the five such familiar online text editors tools, you can practice web designing projects

1. Codepen.io

2. Coffeecup.com

3. Html-online.com

4. Html5-editor.net

5. tinymce.com

6. Do Some Freelancing Projects:

Doing some freelancing projects on the side allows you to showcase to the employer that you’re

the right candidate among others to hire. As you are just starting a career in web designing,

your freelancing project doesn’t need to be big ones. you can prove you’re the right candidate

and you can accomplish the everyday tasks by showcasing some small projects done.

Below are some of the freelancing websites that you can use to pitch for freelancing projects.

● Upwork.com

● Freelancer.in

● Pe