Introduction- React native has been the best bet for developers since it uses a single codebase to build native apps in Android and iOS simultaneously and since its inception in 2015 by Facebook, it has definitely created waves in the market.So if you want to advance in the field of web development,then you must enrol for React Native course in Kolkata and ensure your career success.

All about React Native-

React native is most prominent JavaScript library for developing desktop and mobile apps and it has the grabbed the attention of developers to access faster results with less resources and better optimisation. Let us check why React native is in so demand:

1. React Native uses single codebase to create mobile apps for Android and iOS platform within short span of time and it is cross browser compliant.

2. React Native has really boosted the morale of developers since its advent, as formerly front end developers had to encounter many roadblocks to building  applications by working on different tools and techniques and now it just uses few snippets of code .

3. React Native is behind the production of world’s leading mobile apps which has huge subscriber base such as Instagram,Facebook,Skype,Pininterest and Uber Eats and the core of this framework is React- a rich JavaScript library .


How does it work??

After discussion of cross platform apps let us quickly understand how React Native actually works? So even if you are an amateur in programming, then also it can easily be understood in Layman terms.  React Native is a blend of JavaScript and JXL, a mark-up language familiar with RN acts as bridge between JavaScript and native based threads as they both operates through different languages so basically React Native is a bidirectional framework which makes the communication between two possible.


Key features of course-

·        Learn to build native and hybrid applications using the framework.

·        Hands on training with JS features

·        Enhance development skills by understanding the basic concepts

·        Exclusive 24-hour training by instructors.

·        Gain upper hand in end-to-end development cycle.

·        Curriculum framed by experts of web development industry.

·        Get feedbacks in your projects by well trained professionals.


Immense benefits of learning react Native-

React Native is the most preferred option for many companies which rely on building mobile apps for day-to-day use. The developers are excited to create dynamic apps with greater comfort and ease as it also offers great advantage of stability, hot reloading and huge community base. So if you enjoy building apps ,then you must take up certification course from React Native training centre in Kolkata.  It offers immense benefits as-

·        It ensures faster development and thus saves time by reusing the same components.

·        Code reusability can lead to efficient and faster cross platform development apps.

·        Testing,deployment and development is economical and cost effective.


What you’ll learn in the course?

·        Familiarize yourself with the core concepts and equip yourself with the knowledge required to kickstart React native course.

·        Get acquainted with the styles and different layouts of React Native.

·        To access hardware and platform related features, learn to use API’s.

·        Lean about the class and components of React Native alongside their applications.

·        Understand the basic to advanced techniques of React Native to build integrated native applications in Android and iOS.