INTRODUCTION- PHP is the server-side scripted language which helps in creating dynamic web applications by interpreting PHP code and converting into HTML document which can further be accessed by web browser. There are many frameworks in PHP such as Codeigniter,Laravel,Yii ,Symfony and Zend but according to recent Google trends, the PHP developers have shifted to Laravel and there has been continuous rise in its usage.

Laravel is the web applications framework with highly expressive syntax which provides layered structure with an array of features like integration testing, dependency injection and many more and makes it easier for developers to build robust apps. According to various experiences by PHP developers, I realise why Laravel outsmarts other frameworks in some of the areas so let us understand the possible reasons behind it.

·       AUTHORIZATION AND CONFIGURATION- Laravel makes sure that whatever configurations has been done out of the box is securely authenticated and authorised and also the resources which are accessed through it virtually are verified by experts.


·        IMPROVISED “CACHE” SERVICES- Cached web pages are temporarily stored in the web browser to be accessible later on. Contrary to other frameworks, Laravel boosts support in the form of cache drivers such as Redis and Memcached. With the aid of mission critical applications, it stores cached files in the file system and it has the advantage of configuring multiple cache configurations simultaneously.


·       EFFECTIVE E -MAIL SERVICES- Laravel has the benefit of having several mail drivers such as Amazon SES, send mail, SMTP, Spark post, Mandrill and Mail gun.


Equipped with this feature, the web application developed with Laravel immediately sends mails through cloud-based services or locally. Moreover, it also sends important notifications through delivery systems such as Slack via Nexmo.

·       HANDLING OF ERRORS- Laravel has Monolog logging library which helps in handling of exceptions and errors by attaching it to the powerful log handlers.

·       SAFEGUARD AGAINST TECHNICAL LIMITATIONS- Laravel holds prime importance in safeguarding web applications with potential yet conventional risks such as SQL injections, cross site scripting and cross-site forgery request. Since any expert developer can instantly predict whether code is evaluated several times and source code is guarded enthusiastically.

·       AUTOMATED TESTING TOOLS- Laravel has remarkable testing tools in its kitty. The PHP unit supports phpunit.xml file for testing of various web applications. It makes easier to articulate the base behaviour of user as the framework has standard operating procedures to carry out the testing efficiently.

·       SUPPORTS MVC architecture- Laravel supports Model view controller framework which helps in separating presentation view from business logic layer.

·       MESSAGE QUEUE SERVICES- With an amalgamation of diverse queue backends, Laravel offers integration of API’s which help in handling of large tasks such as replying emails and also managing asynchronous web requests.  It also speeds up requests made by web apps.

·       WELL DEFINED ROUTING CONFIGURATION- All the Laravel routing needs to have a URL and a closure which is the easiest way of defining the technical routes. The framework continually loads the Laravel routes in sequentially defined http/routes.phpfile.

·       SIMPLICITY IN SCHEDULING TASKS- In the past, developers have to file a Cron entry for each task that requires scheduling. This annoyed many developers but Laravel came to their rescue with the unique feature of in-built command scheduler which helps in smooth defining of command schedules in the environment of Laravel itself and now only a single Cron entry is needed on the server.


·       CONCLUSION- Developed by Taylor Otwell, this unique framework is most preferred by the developers as it has some ravishing features such as development speed, extensionability, greater functionality and robust scalability which also gives better programming results as compared to other  PHP frameworks.


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