PHP or Hypertext Pre-processor is the server-side scripting language which helps in the creation of dynamic and interactive web applications and the best part is that it is free and open source. PHP has plethora of frameworks for simplifying the development of web apps and streamlining it. Now the question comes that which PHP framework to use for your business which is cost effective and reliable.Acesoftech Academy provides the best PHP training inKolkata so that developers can have more insights to framework.

But wait! Why do you need a PHP framework and how do you know which one is right for you? In this article we will be exploring these questions and decipher the right one for you.

Why to use PHP framework?

Most of the companies are looking for ways to optimise their performance and speed up the development process and here the framework comes into picture as it makes the developer streamline the whole process with its powerful features and various libraries.

Top PHP frameworks-

Here is the list of eight frameworks which are scalable and flexible-

1. Laravel- Developed by Taylor Otwell in June 2011, this framework has elegant syntax which can produce complex web applications at a faster pace than others. It has huge popularity because-

·       Those developers who want to build B2B or business enterprise trust Laravel for its speed and security.

·       It simplifies the development process by eliminating tasks such as caching, authentication, routing and sessions.

·       It has various embedded features such as seamless data migration and MVC framework support.


2. CodeIgniter- This micro size framework (about 2MB) is used for building dynamic applications. It has in built modules which is used in constructing reusable components. It is popular because

·       Its installation is hassle free and due to great documentation,it is ideal for novice developers.

·       It is lightweight and supports MVC architecture and error handling in best possible manner so its really useful for building scalable apps.

·       It is appropriate for running on modest servers so ideal for smaller applications.

However, it has one drawback that it is quite irregular hence not suitable for high level security applications.

3. SymFony- It is the perfect choice for creating large scale enterprise projects thus making it reliable and mature platform.

·       Easy configuration and installation on most platforms.

·       Its key features include compliance with best web practices and design patterns and integration with larger projects like Drupal.


4. Cake PHP- If you are looking for visually impressive framework because of CRUD(create,read,update and delete). It has gained better performance with many new components. Various reasons are-

·       You only need copy of framework and web server.

·       It has various features such as SQL injections and cross site scripting protection.

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5. Yii framework- It is a secure and safe framework for developing modernised web applications and also called universal web framework because-

·       It is easy to install and suitable for various E commerce projects and CMS.

·       It has steep learning curve and customize every piece of code.

·       It contributes to Yii forums because of strong core team.

·       It avoids the complexity of writing continuous SQL statements.